Getting The Safety Training To Reduce The Risks

There are various courses that comprise of the content which is related to safety procedures and guidelines and are made compulsory by the government for the supervisors dealing with the construction on any site. A supervisor needs to be an experienced person as the total responsibility related to the construction site is on his shoulders including the health and safety of the workers.

safety training

In Edinburgh, it is compulsory for the supervisors to do the site supervisor safety training scheme course, for being counted as the authorized supervisor to deal in any project. The duration of this course is of 2 days and the trainer makes sure that he lets the supervisors know about the safety equipments that are to be worn by him and especially the workers at the construction site.

Knowing the safety guidelinesĀ 

These safety courses include the study of various techniques and safety measures that can be used by supervisors to keep the people and construction site safe. SSSTS course in Edinburg is recognized CITB course that is mandatory for construction sites supervisors. Many contractor groups are asking their site supervisors to undergo with this course of 2 days. Some safety tips that these supervisors are taught are:

  • They should be able to monitor that if any person is working aloft or at height then he must wear the safety belt and helmet.
  • They should carry out an effective site induction, method statement briefings and toolbox talks.

After the completion of this course they are provided with the valid certificates which enable them to be on the list of among the authorized supervisors.

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