See The Best View Of Solar Eclipse By Visiting Oregon

Solar eclipse is one such event that attracts a lot of tourists to places like Oregon every year. People who are interested in the miracles of nature and want to pen down their experience of watching a clear solar eclipse should give Oregon a thought. There are various companies that offer packages for 2017 eclipse tours which can be availed by the nature enthusiasts to witness the event of the nature.


Why Oregon?

Oregon is one of the most popular sites because it has crystal clear skies and comparatively clearer than all other places that you know of. There are certain packages that will include lodging facilities also but will charge for it. Nearby places for lodging are Salem and Portland. While you will find Salem a bit crowded and busy place, Portland will be quiet and accommodating when compared to the former. However, compared to Salem, you will be able to see only half eclipse in Portland which again makes it a less attractive destination compared to Salem. Madras, a beautiful town situated in the intersection of four highways which makes a perfect destination to visit for eclipse buffs. The town is situated towards the east of stratovolcano Mt. Jefferson, the mountain whose tip starts becoming dark exactly 17 seconds prior to the moon shadow slide down.

If you are looking to plan the tour on your own, then too Oregon should be on the top of your priority list. There will be various route maps available online that will lead you to the majestic place

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