Why Nightclubs Should Have A Serious Look Into The Safety Of Foam Parties?


Nightclubs are always looking for newer ways to attract party lovers and the new hot cake on their menu is a foam party. Foam parties have always been popular in Nightclubs in Europe and the reasons are obvious. Here customers can enjoy an occasion where they can do their new swimsuit and party hard even in the hot and humid weather. Nowadays, many foam parties are being hosted at homes where owners organize foam party rentals and invite the guests to their house. But there are a few problems which arise due to these parties and these must be looked into with earnest care.

The foam itself

It must be known to you that foam parties involve the spraying of soapy foam from ceiling blowers onto the dancers below and in most cases the foam can rise up to a height of four feet. Now this foam when infiltrating the eye can cause severe eye injuries and temporary blindness. Recently such an incident occurred in Florida where a foam party resulted in 40 casualties seeking eye treatment.

Other Health Hazards

The use of dry ice also contributes to several other health hazards barring eye injuries. It often creates a cloud and fog effect on the dance floor hampering clear vision of the dancers who sometimes trips over unseen objects, lower levels and steps and falls down causing serious injuries to themselves.

The whole atmosphere

If you think from a guardian or a Doctor’s point of view, the whole ambience of nightclubs hosting foam parties are very dangerous. A combination of people consuming alcohol and dancing on slippery surfaces and barely able to see the view around them proves to be lethal more often than not.

Therefore, nightclubs must take proper precautionary measures to ensure a safe foam party where customers can enjoy without any casualties.

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